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Battlechips are removable memory cards containing data that can be installed into a NetNavi to improve operation; they can be reusable equipment, single-shot weapons, autonomous constructs, or nearly anything else.

-Most Battlechips are weapon-based, giving the NetNavi various weapons to utilize or enhancing their default weaponry. Notable examples include the -Cannon- series, which turn the NetNavi's arm into a single- or multi-shot cannon; the -Blaster- (Shotgun) series, which increase the rate of fire and/or area of spread of the NetNavi's standard Buster; and nearly every -Sword- chip (which are likely the best examples of 'equipment' battlechips), turning the Netnavi's arm into a sword that can be used repeatedly to attack until 1: the blade breaks, 2: the NetOp cancels the chip or replaces it with another, or 3: the chip's time limit expires (as with Knight/Hero Sword Battlechips.)

-Others may generate [static objects], NetOp-controlled turrets (or other weapons), or even [viruses] nearby that can be thrown, used/controlled, or hidden behind to assist the Navi during combat. Notable examples include the ever present -Rockcube- chip, which creates a large, concreate cube within a few feet of the Netnavi, usually above so that it may be thrown/launched; the -BambooLance- chip, which causes several bamboo shoots to grow from the ground (with lethal speed) to impale the Navi's opponent(s); the -Ice/Grass/Ocean/LavaStage- chip(s), which change a battle stage to the specified type to make better use of elemental chips; and almost any chip with a virus graphic as its icon, allowing the NetNavi to use the chip as a weapon (Heatshot/etc.) or to summon the virus pictured, usually controlled by the NetOp (Cannon/etc.) and independant from the NetNavi. Also, the -Miniboomer- series and -Timeboomer- chips.

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