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A Battle Chip is the main armament of NetNavis in the MegaMan Battle Network series, which the operator of the Navi use with the PET. They serve various purposes, usually as a means to inflict damage, and also provide a line of defense to fall back on. Although most enemy Navis don't use Battle Chips as part of their attacks in the game, some do as part as their basic moveset, and DS (DarkSoul) Navis will use any Battle Chips that you have used throughout the timespan that you have played the game as of then.

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Chip CategoriesEdit

Battle chips are placed in the folder in the games. They vary in power and rarity and thus have different rankings. The following ranks divide up the vast number of chips since MMBN3:

Basic chips that are unrestricted in any folder, except for number of copies allowed. In the first Battle Network game, 10 copies of the same chip were allowed, reducing to 5 in MegaMan Battle Network 2, 4 in MMBN3, 4, and 5, and in MegaMan Battle Network 6 they were restricted according to their MB. Without the Team Style Change or Mega Chip Navicust program, one can only use a maximum of 5 Mega Chips in a folder. These were known as Navi chips from BN1 to BN2. In BN3, 4, and 5, only one copy of the same exact Mega Chip can be used. Without the Giga Folder Navicust Program, you can only use one Giga Chip in a folder. These chips are version-exclusive, and cannot be traded between versions. Items used only outside of battle are called Sub Chips, and those can have such various effects as restoring HP, reducing random encounters, or unlocking Purple Mystery Data. Occasionally, Japanese-exclusive chips may show up in Green Mystery Data. Some removed chips are classified, but others don't have a class at all (causing the game to interpret them as standard chips). Most of the removed ones freeze the game when used, but proper hacking allows them to execute smoothly. Although some chips have an image, most earlier scrapped chips had an image of MegaMan holding his buster, while later ones contained no image at all (such as the Gregar/Falzar giga chips) or the image is a purple filler.



Chip Types


Battle Chip Letter Codes Edit

Each chip has its own code as shown on the chip. However a single chip can have various codes which usually leads to a Program Advance. For example, combining Cannon A, Cannon B, and Cannon C creates Z-Cannon. Normally, chips of the same name, or chips of the same code can only be selected in the Custom Screen, but * codes, introduced in BN2, act as a wildcard, allowing the player to load up more chips.

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