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Hey, guys! After quite some time, it's finally time to release the final installment of the Timaeus Patch! I'm sure it's going to have to be the final one---the fact that LunarIPS can't create a patch file is a sign that I should stop. No worries, read the ReadMeNao, and you'll know what to do this time around. In the meantime, enjoy the 1337th video, and hope you enjoy the final installment of the patch!

Also note that for some reason, the PyroGenesis battle goes out of sync, even though I already processed it and fixed the desynching. Weird. Oh well, the rest of the video, aside from the oops right after the Timaeus battle is fine. Oh yeah, and ignore the URL at the end and change to no longer works for some reason.

Timaeus Patch available at: OR - Mirror 1 - Mirror 2


- New (V3) title screen!
- Remastered the DiagDvde chip image!
- Remastered the LifeAura chip image!
- Remastered the BatCann chip image!
- New SonicWave chip image!
- New LongSword chip image!
- There was a NaviCust glitch where Timaeus looked weird if you were in FullSynchro... yeah. So I just changed him back to MegaMan while in the NaviCust since I KNOW that will work. xD
- Palette hacked the inner NaviCust colors! Credits to Zieldak for the guide to do so.
- Imported new backgrounds for ACDC HP and Graveyard Area! =D
- Sped up backgrounds for all areas (except Undernet; its BG doesn't move. ;D)! =D
- Gave SFMegaMan a new sprite sheet!
- Gave SFMegaMan a new, completely custom AI!
- Repointed SFMegaMan's navi data so that he does not have virus body anymore! :D
- Gave PyroGenesis a new, completely custom AI!
- Gave Timaeus a new, completely custom AI!
- Removed Timaeus's SuperArmor (it's absurd anyway).
- Gave DarkMega a new, completely custom AI!
- Removed DarkMega's SuperArmor (it's absurd anyway).
- Redirected the final Falzar battles so that you have an ally. I also learned that if Falzar is in the first and only enemy slot, then he freezes the game (just on MY rom) when he explodes. So those were fixes for me as well as new battles for you guys! =D
- Redirected the BassGX battle in Graveyard Area and modified it to be more challenging! =O
- Fixed Rewards given by bosses.
- Fixed it so all navi Undernet battles are S-rankable (they weren't earlier).
- Slightly modified the PyroGenesis battles in Green HP.
- Fixed the PuzzleArm image (had transparent colors IIRC).
- Expanded navi names so that SFMegaMan and PyroGenesis have names! :D

SFMegamanSP Battle - BGM: MegaMan Star Force - 'The Hubris Let Loose!' V1 of 2 by Timaeus PyroGenesisSP Battle - BGM: Castlevania - 'Electro Killer 6000' by zircon TimaeusSP Battle - BGM: Tales of Symphonia - 'Burning Spirit' by Timaeus DarkMegaSP Battle - BGM: Mega Man 9 - 'Whipping up a Tornado!' V1 of 4 by Timaeus FalzarSP Battle - BGM: Mega Man 9 - 'Blackout Tower' by Neblix BassGX + PyroGenesisSP Battle - BGM: Final Fantasy 6: Desertion

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