General SummaryEdit

ROM Hacking is a technique where hexadecimal coding is required in order to modify certain aspects of a video game. ROM stands for Read-Only Memory, but a hex editor can be used to edit that permanently. Such programs include Translhextion and HxD, amongst others. HxD is recommended for general-purpose hexadecimal coding, while Translhextion is recommended for rigorous editing of uncompressed text.

Mega Man Battle Network HackingEdit

A website exists to host guides for hacking Mega Man Battle Network ROMs, and it's called The Rockman EXE Zone. This is the one and only ROM hacking site for Mega Man games, so don't be fooled by any copies that pop up on the internet! Highly recommended!

Aspects of Battle Network ROM HackingEdit

There exists certain aspects to ROM hacking that is available, and here is a list of them, along with their guides' founders (the knowledge of which came from the experiences of TREZ. :D):

Battle Hacking - MegaRock EXE

Battlefield Panel Editing - MegaRock EXE

Screen Tint Editing - MegaRock EXE

Title Screen Editing - MegaRock EXE

Modifying Preset Folders - MegaRock EXE

Modifying the MegaBuster - MegaRock EXE

Enemy Attacks Capacity Editing - Ablon08

Adding Extra Enemies into the Game - Ablon08

Expanding Chip Families - Ablon08

Sprite Modification - Ablon08

Battle Reward Editing - Ablon08

Custom Screen Editing - Ablon08

Program Advance Hacking - Prof. 9

Custom Artificial Intelligence Creation - Prof. 9

ASM Collection - Prof. 9

Allow Crosses to Charge Certain Chips - Prof. 9

Cross Enhancement through ASM - Prof. 9

Expand Crosses Available through ASM - Prof. 9

Script Modification - Prof. 9

MMBN6 Chip Hacking - Mgamerz

MMBN6 Enemy Modification Guide - Mgamerz

Attack Sequence Hacking - Mgamerz, was deleted once before, rewritten by Timaeus

Expanding the Max Number of Enemies on the Field - Mgamerz

Making Codebreaker Cheats - Mgamerz

Palette Editing - SerenadeDS, was deleted once before, rewritten by Agro

Pseudo-Music Hacking (Not thorough enough) - DarkCross

Chip Trader Editing - Spikeman

Shop Hacking - Spikeman

Writing a Pseudo NaviCust Program - Agro

Editing Compressed NaviCust Colors - Zieldak

MMBN4 Chip Hacking - Timaeus

MMBN3 Chip Hacking - Timaeus

NaviCust Program Editing - Timaeus

MMBN5 Enemy Modification Guide - Timaeus

Giving Enemies 12 moves - Timaeus

Music Hacking without the use of Sappy 2006 - Timaeus

Upgrading Enemy AI - Timaeus (elaborated on by Prof. 9)

Insert Extra Battles into the Game - Timaeus

Z-Saber editing - Brianuuu

Emotion Window Editing - Brianuuu

Background Editing - Brianuuu