Navi Customizer or NaviCust for short is a program made to customize NetNavis hence the name. The programs come in with a variety of colors.


The Navi Customizer consists of a set area, and a Command Line running through the center of the area. Through all of its incarnations, it has four rules the player should follow:

  • Solid programs should be placed on the Command Line. Breaking the rule results in not only a bug, but the program cannot take action. Even with the NCP BugStop, the program the player want should be on the Command Line to work.
  • Textured programs should be off the Command Line.
  • Programs with the same color cannot touch.
  • In BN3, the programs must match Megaman's compatible color depending the Style the player got.

From BN4 onwards, the rule has changed. The player should put in no more than 4 different colors of the program.

Solid ProgramsEdit

  • Under Shirt: When Megaman gets hit fatally, he retains to 1 HP instead of being deleted.
  • Super Armor: Megaman cannot flinch.
  • Air Shoes: Megaman can walk over cracked panels.
  • Float Shoes: Megaman does not suffer from the effects from Ice, Lava or Poison panels. In other circumstances, he could take double damage from a fire enemy while standing on a fire panel and etc.
  • Anti-Damage: Pressing B + ← will get Megaman into a temporary state.If Megaman gets hit, he will not take damage and he will throw stars at the enemy.
  • Custom 1 (or 2): Grants access to more chips in battle instead of five.
  • Sheld: B + ← will block non-breaking attacks.
  • Reflect: B + ← will block non-breaking attacks and damages enemies the same row as Megaman.
  • Bugstop: A program that allows rules to be broken in the NaviCust without any consequences. The program has to be in the Command Line for it to work.
  • SneakRun: Gives a permanent effect of the SubChip of the same name as the program.
  • Oil Body; Increases chance of encountering Fire-type enemies
  • Water Body: Increases chance of encountering Water-type enemies.
  • Battery: Increases chance of encountering Elec-type enemies.
  • Jungle: Increases chance of encountering Wood-type enemies.
  • Collect: Battlechips are now rewards at the end of battle.
  • Humor: Pressing L in the overworld will make Megaman tell a joke.
  • Giga Folder 1: Increases the number of Giga Chips allowed in the equiped folder.

Textured ProgramsEdit

These programs have four shaded squares on each tile. They must be placed off the Command Line. Failure to do so will cause a bug

  • Attack 1+: Increases damage to enemies with the buster.
  • Speed 1+: Increases speed of the buster.
  • Charge 1+: Makes the charge time faster.
  • HP 50: Increases the total HP by 50.
  • HP 100: Increases the total HP by 100.
  • HP 200: Increases the total HP by 200.
  • HP 300: Increases the total HP by 300.
  • HP 400: Increases the total HP by 400.
  • HP 500: Increases the total HP by 500.
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